Why plan for retirement?

At certain point of time, you will want to retire, relax and spend some time doing what you like for the rest of your life. Though you have retired from work, expenses are still there which needs to be paid. We provide you with proper retirement planning, which will help you reserve enough money to enjoy and achieve your desired goals in the future.

Why Should you have a retirement plan ?

  1. Set goals – A plan helps you set goals for retirement, including the age when you want to stop working and your lifestyle.
  2. Know how much to save – It can help you figure out how much money you need to save to live comfortably in retirement.
  3. Choose what to invest in – A plan can guide your investment choices based on your goals and your risk tolerance.

Things to Consider for Successful Retirement Planning

  • Have a Written Plan which Merges Life Priorities with Financial Resources
  • Layer Different Sources of Income in the Most Tax Efficient Manner
  • Structure Income in Order to Preserve Valuable Tax Credits and Government Benefits
  • Create Efficient Cash Flow by Investing your Income-Producing Assets Wisely
  • Implement Efficient Solutions for Health-Cost Risks and Wealth Transfer Strategies

Build and Protect Your Retirement Savings

Whether you want to start a savings plan, protect the money you’ve saved so far, or grow your money over time. In today’s Market lot of times people are concerned about losing their investment, which can easily be addressed with the help of segregate funds.

Segregated funds are similar to mutual funds in a few ways. You invest in a fund, both contain a diversified group of investments, it’s easy to access your money, and they both offer professional money management.

There are, however, some unique advantages to segregated funds that mutual funds don’t offer:

  • Maturity guarantees: A segregated fund policy guarantees that the value of your investments at maturity will not be less than a specified percentage of the amount you invest.
  • Death benefit guarantees: Your beneficiary will receive the guaranteed amount or market value of your investments—whichever is higher.
  • The ability to bypass probate: Your beneficiaries get their payout faster, the privacy of your affairs is maintained and the cost of probate fees is avoided.
  • Potential creditor protection for non-registered accounts: Your segregated fund assets may be protected from creditors in the event of a bankruptcy
  • Resets: The ability to lock in market gains on your investment.

We are here to plan your future by combining financial planning for cash management, risk coverage, tax planning, plus family and medical expenses so that you do not have any hurdles after retirement. We help you make your life as easy as today, even after you retire. So contact us, book an appointment or leave a brief message so that we can plan how much money you need in retirement and what are your option to save?