A pension plan is a method in which employees transfer part of their salary towards retirement income. Pension plans can be further described in two main types: defined-benefit plans and defined-contribution plans.

Defined Benefit (DB) Plan: Regardless of the performance of investments, the employer guarantees that the employee will receive a definite amount of benefit upon retirement.

Defined Contribution (DC) Plan: Employer’s contribution for the employee are predefined but the final amount of benefit received by the employee depends on the investment’s performance.

Both Pension Plans are usually tax exempt where an employer makes contributions toward a pool of funds that are set aside for an employee’s future benefit. The funds are then invested on the employee’s behalf which allows the employee to receive benefits upon retirement.

We discuss and analyze what type of retirement program suit your needs. At least twice year, we coordinate, develop, and deliver seminars for your employees.We monitor your program so it continues to work optimally for you with respect to:
 Cost of the plan according to your needs.
 Investment fund selection and ongoing adjustments depends upon performance.
 Keeping in touch with you and your members for any potential changes that needs attention.

Reviewing Your Program We will tender your Pension Plan to several providers to ensure that your arrangement is the best in the industry. An analysis of competitive quotes will be presented by potential providers.